Inspiration Candies was birthed out of a love to inspire others. We believe that inspiration comes from within-sometimes you have to inspire yourself but life is more fulfilling when you have the opportunity to inspire others.

We include inspirational quotes in all of our products because the right quote on the right day at the right moment may change your life! You may get a quote that doesn’t seem needed that day, but at the right time you will remember it and know it for yourself-BE Inspired!

We sell inspirational candies because we know that people want to indulge in a way that is not harmful to the environment or themselves. We believe in sustainable resources, quality products and healthy choices.

We teach inspirational cooking classes because we LOVE food! We love that we can eat food that fuels our body, that is not harmful to the environment and good to eat! We cook to live and live to eat so that we can inspire others!

The fact that you have joined us is such an inspiration. Welcome!